Philosophy of Judo
Five Ways to Win
Top Competitive Throws
Chokes and Armbars
In competitive judo there are five ways to win a judo match. Each of these methods are listed below. Click to view an example of each.

Perfect Throw
Otherwise know as an Ippon, a perfect throw has four main components: Speed, Force, Control and a fall that lands largly on the back

By holding ones opponent on their back for 25 seconds, the score of Ippon is awarded and the match is over. Holing your opponent 10 or more seconds can get you lower scores.

Arm Bar
Otherwise know as an Arm Lock the goal is to force your opponent to "tap out," by applying stress (and Pain) to the elbow joint

Much like the Arm Bar the goal is submission. You can suffer a loss from passing out or from tapping out.

Through unsportsman like conduct or a combination of lesser penalties.

Referee Hand Signals
Hand signal used by referees in Judo tournaments.