About the Instructors
Training Strategy

The Gurnee Judo Club is a competition-oriented organization. We focus on training our junior athletes to score and win at local, regional, national and international events.  We train to win and have fun doing so. We are an all-inclusive club that offers something for all ages and abilities.


The program includes strength and coordination conditioning.  We teach the basics of falling, pins, throws, and submission techniques.  Kids ages 6 years old and up are best suited to start judo.  We work with our families to encourage siblings to join along with their brother and/or sister, because we have found that siblings doing judo together develop a special bond and respect for each other...plus it simplifies travel and time management for the parents.  Many fathers have joined alongside their children too.


When the judo player is ready, they begin competition at local tournaments.  We usually have one Chicagoland tournament each month. Our junior athletes are very good.  We have numerous junior judo players, who are ranked nationally.  We have one elite-ranked judo player, who competed at the 2004 Olympic Judo Trials, followed by competing again in the 2008 Olympic Judo Trials.  We have studied and modeled techniques, practices and procedures that work at competition and have developed a strategy of techniques with drills that have proven highly successful. 


Not all of our advanced players are gunning for an Olympic team spot; yet, they all make a significant contribution. We have many masters (30 years old and up) that train at Gurnee Judo Club, and they serve as technical officials, medical officials or referees at tournaments. 


The Gurnee Judo Club is affiliated with the Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association (GLASA), and its coaches have visually-impaired judo coaching endorsements.